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Raised by a father who was a contractor and a mother who loved country music and wasn't afraid to chase the dream, the songstress began traveling to country festivals in her native Australia at 13 years of age.

It wasn't long until the precocious talent caught the ears of some of Australia's leading country music champions. After singing "Jolene" and "Queen of Hearts" for her stage debut, Sherrié found herself opening a series of concerts for Johnny Cash in her satin cowgirl skirt and matching hat just shy of her 15th birthday.

Armed with a few telephone numbers and an offer to house sit for Jan Buckingham (songwriter of "Cleopatra, Queen of Denial"), Sherri decided to try her luck. Selling her musical equipment to raise the plane fare, the girl with the quick smile and dancing eyes came to town on a wing and a dream.

Which paid off, indeed. Whether it's the first single "Lucky In Love," which percolates on quick-witted wordplay and basic reality, the breath-taking "One Solitary Tear" or the friendly warning of "Put Your Heart Into It," Sherri reveals the essence of what women need and men want. It's a heady combination, but when you back this much verve with old-fashioned common sense, a romantic streak a mile wide and an "aw shucks" grin, you can't help but fall in love.

Sherrié Austin is a 26-year-old spark plug of a woman who meets life on its own terms. Having spent the last three years dedicated to her songwriting, she steps into the spotlight with Words, a debut that examines the many facets of life, love and getting by.

Her commitment to writin' allows her to write from a place of both strength and vulnerability. In the convergence of those two realities, she embraces the inherent humanity in us all -- and finds plenty of room to let romance find its proper place in the spectrum.

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