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This bar had been my home away from her
Used to be she was missing me
Now she's moving in with her best friend
And I'm the only one who wants what used to be
I'm here because today I lost it all
I didn't want to drink at home alone
And I just can't believe, all my hopes and dreams are falling
Like a row of dominoes

I thought the man behind the bar
Had heard it all before
My story must have caught him by surprise
'Cause when he handed me my double
There were tears in his eyes
You know you're in trouble, when the bartender cries

He said, "Last night, you swore you'd never drink again"
I said, "Next time, I'm really gonna try"
So is she ever calls for me
Oh, you can finally tell her, "He ain't here", and it won't be a lie
I asked the man behind the bar,br>What he'd been cyring for
He said, "That bottle used to be a friend of min
Now I stopped drinking doubles
But I pour them all the time
Son, you know you're in trouble
When the bartender cries"

As I saw my own reflection staing back at me, I knew
Every single word he said was true

Well, I told the man behind the bar
I thought I'd seen it all before
Till I saw the sadness in his eyes
That's when I put down my double, and said my last goodbye
'Cause you know you're in trouble when the bartender cries
Oh, You know you're in touble when the bartender cries

Michael Peterson Lyrics
Michael Peterson
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