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~Meat   Loaf~

(born September 27, 1948)

Marvin Lee Aday got called Meat Loaf after stepping on the foot of the high school football coach, and the name stuck. Even then, Meat loaf was weighty. He was from a gospel-singing family in Dallas, Texas, so it wasn' surprising he should opt for a career as a singer.

Meat Loaf's career: a singer who acts, an actor who sings. His intense charisma and personal performing power, his huge capacity for work and for play have earned him the not-uncommon epithet 'larger-than-life'. Nevertheless, Meat Loaf really is. And, for all his successes, he has faced equivalent downturns. He was declared bankrupt in the mid '80s; his act was shattered by the death of his drummer Wells Keily. Meat himself was clinically dead for 40 seconds after collapsing on stage; in Australia he insisted on finishing his tour despite breaking his leg half way through.

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