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From Hillibilly Heaven to Honky Tonky Hell

On a hillside in Hazard
Sits a new double wide
Gods little acre
Your paradise

A poor boy found heaven
With a good country girl
He had all he wanted
She was his whole world

But workin' a coal mine
Can wear a man down
He started spendin'
Too much in town

He found temptation
Under its spell
Hillbilly Heaven went to Honky Tonk Hell

From Hillybilly Heaven to Honky Tonk Hell
From a warm home fire burnin'
To a cold cheap hotel
And a angel is crying
'Cause her good man fell
From Hillbilly Heaven to Honky Tonk Hell

Somewhere in Hazard
On a dark deadend street
Where whiskey and heartache
And old memories meet

He looks for salvation
In a bottle each night
And just goes on living
Though he lost his life

Now there is a job
In the coal mines
That needs to be filled
And a heartache in Hazard
That won't ever be heal

He had it all
Now its all for sale
and Hillybilly's heaven gone to Honky Tonk Hell

He's gone from
Hillybilly Heaven to Honky Tonk Hell

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