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Building a career since his 1993 Capricorn debut In My Wildest Dreams, Kenny has really picked up the pace the last two times around. Those two albums, Me and You and I Will Stand have surged past the coveted Gold (500,000 copies) sales mark, spurred on by the No. 1 singles "When I Close My Eyes," "Thatís Why Iím Here," and "Sheís Got It All" Ė which stayed at the top of the charts for 3 weeks.

Though Kenny has had huge success with lyrically poignant songs including 1998ís smash, "Thatís Why Iím Here" on his last album, itís not something that he searches for. While hits are important and vital to any artistís career, Kenny doesnít spend his time specifically seeking out made-for-radio hits.
Since moving to Nashville in 1991, Kenny has built the solid foundation that his career stands on today. He has slowly, but consistently, taken steps to progress his career with each new album. His singles have performed a little better with every one he releases. Each of his albums have steadily outsold its predecessor. His fan base grows with each passing day. That is how you build a career. Plugging away in the early part of the decade, Kenny was not having much success securing work with local publishing companies. Instead, he landed a steady gig playing at a Nashville honky tonk called the Turf. While it sounds great, the Turf wasnít exactly an attraction.

Itís time for Kenny Chesney to be taken seriously. Itís time for people to realize that heís not just some new singer who strolled into town yesterday. Heís a bonafide star Ė and Kenny Chesney is here with his fifth album, Everywhere We Go, to prove it.

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