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Clay Walker

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Clay was born on 19 August 1969, in Beaumont, Texas, USA. From the same city and similar strand of country music as Tracy Byrd, the 90s US country singer Clay Walker owes much of his vocal style to George Strait . He was taught guitar by his father at a young age and started to write songs as soon as he knew enough chords. Walker was no overnight success, and toured throughout the USA and Canada, playing bars and small clubs, building a reputation and desperately trying to attract attention. He finally secured a contract with Giant Records in Nashville. His debut single in 1993, 'What's It To You', was a US country number 1. The debut album, Clay Walker did well on the US country charts and the single 'Live Until I Die' reached number 3. Walker's other hit singles have included 'If I Could Make A Living', 'Who Needs You Baby', 'This Woman And This Man' 'Hypnotize The Moon', and another number 1 in 1997 with 'Rumor Has It'. Walker was reported to be suffering from multiple sclerosis the same year.

Walker's career was at its height in 1996, when a dark cloud moved in. After some frightening episodes affecting his speech, balance and coordination, it was discovered that he was in the early stages of multiple sclerosis. He was candid with fans about the chronic, debilitating disease of the central nervous system, explaining that it will eventually cripple him. But he has vowed to continue to perform as long as he is able.

He learned to play guitar at 9 and started writing songs at 15. A high school talent contest, in which he was the only white contestant, was a turning point. Singing a country song to a mostly black audience, he got a standing ovation and won first prize. He has said that he realized at that moment, as the applause washed over him, that he would be a singer-songwriter. As he got older, he drew closer to country music, inspired by the songwriting in new country as well as his family background.

So far, there are few noticeable signs of his condition, although he has cut back on his activities, both to safeguard his health and spend more time with his wife and young daughter.

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