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On the front page of the paper
Speeding window of a train
On a billboard on a highway
It always looks the same
A smile out of nowhere stops me in my tracks
I can't believe that after all this time
You still have that kind of impact

Everywhere I turn I see your face
Provin' that a fool's love never fades
In my mind your image is forever burned
I keep tryin' not to stare but you're always there
Everywhere I turn

In a steamed up café window
I spell out your name
I watch people run across the street
Through the pourin' rain
There you go again so easy to find
Under the umbrella in another woman's eyes
Well I thought I'd suffered long enough for you babe
And my mind would let go of the pain, any day
But it don't look that way

Bryan White
Bryan White lyrics
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