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Who   is   Anita   Cochran??

Anita Cochran is a very talented country artist that has just released her debut album on Warner Brothers Records. Entitled "Back to You," the album shows off Anita's talents to the fullest. In an industry that is full of artists relying on songwriters for their next hit, Anita makes a statement by writing or co-writing nine out of the ten songs on the cd, and there is not a bad song among them.

But the ten cuts on Back To You, demonstrate, above all else, that there's a whole lot more than luck at work in Anita Cochran's long road to overnight success. She doesn't just sing her heart out; she trades hot licks with some of the finest session pickers in the world, and more than holds her own.

With songs like, "What if I say" and "Will you be here".. she is sure to be one of the great many singers that will be listened to and enjoyed for a long time to come...

In many ways, Anita's growing up years were typical of a million other all-American teenagers. She cruised the streets of her hometown, South Lyon, Michigan in her '78 Camaro. She studied to be a florist in high school, and later took music and music business-related courses at nearby Oakland Community College. But all the while, she performed whenever she could and spent hours and hours woodshedding with her guitar in her little improvised home studio.

Throughout her high school and college years, Anita bounced around from one local band to another before deciding to focus on being a solo artist and writing her own material. Along the way, she did marketing, graphics and print design for a development firm and an insurance company. Then she landed a job running Pearl Recording Studio, in Canton, Michigan, where she did everything including administration and engineering, to singing and playing for sessions.

Anita's instincts were realized when she met Dick Williams, a former record executive who happened to be at Pearl Sound, producing an artist for his production company, Thunderbird Records. They developed a friendship, and as needs would arise for an extra voice or some musical backup; she would add her vocals or instrumental talents to tracks he was working on. Eventually, Anita showed Williams some demos she had recorded at home in her studio.

Anita Cochran Lyrics:
Country Room
Back to Front door